“80% of business referrals tend to come from word of mouth"

Networking is the marmite of any industry, it seems to be loved or loathed. It has changed over the years, from traditional cocktail parties, early morning starts to discuss the latest industry trends over some breakfast, to taking it outdoors for activities such as paint-balling. There have been many tried and tested techniques and approaches to make networking more appealing to the many, not the few.

So, what’s the verdict? Here at SDL Property Partners we think networking is incredibly effective at producing results. If you’re still unsure about networking, or just want some tips to make sure you’re making the most of networking, here’s our thoughts:

“Networking isn’t something that I only engage with at specific events or times but rather something that is a part and parcel of the business. Arguably one of the more important parts”

There is no right or wrong approach to networking, but it’s fair to say that getting your name out there can have a huge influence on your success. With 80% of our business referrals stem from word of mouth recommendations, we know that networking can play a huge role when it comes to growth and development. Without building those relationships, there are no referrals.

In our industry, networking is still undoubtedly one of the best tools to put your stamp on the property industry. If you’re not the biggest advocate of networking, look at it from a marketing perspective, it’s an organic, cost effective tool to share information about your business. Although considered on of oldest techniques, word of mouth is still a highly influential marketing tool to utilise.

How do you become that first choice, how can you make your peers and customers your advocates? Credibility. Credibility is what will set you apart from competitors in the industry and separates a successful brand from those that fail.

When was the last time you recommended a product or a service to a friend or family member? Can’t remember? Well, when was the last time you recommend a new series or movie to watch? More than likely within the last fortnight. Networking can have this impact on your business, you can become the first choice, the name on the tip of everyone’s tongue when it comes to recommendations in the industry.

January is the perfect time to kick start any action you may have on your to-do list. You may have seen our previous article encouraging you to start taking the necessary steps needed to make sure 2019 is your year to be in the position you want to be. So, why not take the same approach to networking? They might even work hand in hand with each other to achieve your overall goal. A good place to start is to network with your current network. Ask your peers, your suppliers, your friends and anyone you already know in the industry. We already know how powerful networking and word of mouth is, so why not use it to your advantage to get recommendations on the networking events that would work best for you, with like minded people. Once you’ve explored this avenue, take a look online. It’s good to focus on events and websites that are known within your industry, our recommendation would be to regularly keep up to date with industry publications such as Flat Living, News on The Block and Property Industry Eye.

When you join our partnership programme, we offer training and ongoing support to each and every partner from day 1, which doesn’t stop when it comes to networking! Our dedicated team are on hand to advise, assist and encourage any questions about networking you may have, as well as providing our partners with the opportunity to easily network. As an SDL Property Partner, you will always receive the encouragement, the resources and opportunity to grow your network as much as possible. We don’t want to only focus on the positives when it comes to networking, it’s important to remember what effects the lack of networking can have on your business. It can significantly reduce your opportunity to stay innovative within the industry, it’s great to have a competitive advantage but what use is it if no one knows about it? Keeping up to date with industry news and trends will help your business strategy, but networking will give you the opportunity to discuss these avenues with like minded people and make an informed decision. Networking and Successful both have 10 letters each. Coincidence? Absolutely.

Once you’re ready to make a change, we’re here. If you want to own a successful business that is recognised across the industry, get in touch today to explore your options.