Location, location, location! Our offering works anywhere in the UK…

Absolutely not. Research suggests there are around 4,919,000 flats in the UK alone – so there’s plenty of opportunity. Despite warnings over the impending departure from the EU, house prices rose at the fastest monthly rate in almost 2 years in December. With a 2.2% increase, house prices are on the up and now really could be the perfect time to get into block management.

You may have seen that we’ve changed the way we do things here at SDL Property Partners. We want to give those who share the same passion for revolutionising the industry the opportunity to take control and run their own business in an area of their choice. We want our partners to choose an area to do what they do best, revolutionise the customers experience of property management.

We currently have 12 property partners, 7 of which are based outside of London covering Swansea, Southampton, Birmingham, Northampton, Bedford, Eastbourne and Brighton. Combined, they manage an impressive 1,146 units with plenty more action in the pipelines. Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying and most of all, love of what you are doing – something that each and every one of our partners is familiar with. Location is important, but the drive to succeed and change the industry for the better, will make your SDL Property Partners journey a success anywhere in the UK.

It may be the capital city, but there is plenty of opportunity outside of London. Did you know that 60% of new business activity is in other major cities? These include Cambridge, Manchester, Leeds and Newcastle. Over recent times, these cities are proving to be leaders in startup business statistics. What comes with high levels of business? A high level of workers, a high level of workers who need somewhere to live. With these major cities becoming increasingly popular, people will be looking for that buzz of a big city, without the cost of living in London. There’s ample opportunity for a successful block management across each of these cities.

Scouting out a location isn’t a decision that should be made lightly, we’d highly recommend taking your time to research all potential areas that interest you. What’s an ideal location? We think an ideal location strikes the perfect balance of healthy competition without being over-saturated with similar businesses on every corner. Our dedicated team have over 92 years of combined experience in property services and are able to assist you with finding the optimal location, after all they do know their stuff!

Once you’re ready to make a change, we’re here. If you want to own a successful business that is recognised across the industry, get in touch today to explore your options.