We’ve proudly joined a coalition to call for a new multibillion-pound fund to sort out unsafe buildings due to the cladding crisis.

We’ve joined this revolutionary call alongside cladding campaigners, residents, property managers and the UK’s largest freeholders.

The move comes as new research from the Association of Residential Managing Agents (ARMA) shows that half a million people could be living in unsafe buildings due to unsafe cladding. They analysed apartment blocks across the country, which revealed buildings that initially passed by building control when originally built are now unsafe.

High Pressure Laminate (HPL) which is a material found to be used in these buildings, is just as flammable as the ACM cladding used on Grenfell Tower. Currently the Government’s fund is limited to fixing ACM cladding in unsafe buildings but doesn’t cover other flammable materials like the High Pressure Laminate.

Alongside other leading industry firms we’ve joined forces to write an open letter to the new Chancellor to provide extra funding to make these people’s homes safe. The cost could be passed to the leaseholders without this support. And the cost is likely to run into the billions.

Our managing director of estate management, Mark Trumper said: “It’s quite frankly unfair that homeowners are facing excessive bills for failed building safety policies that date back decades, often way before they owned the lease on their home. We’re proud to be part of this new coalition supporting leaseholders to get the funding they need to make their home safe.

“Building owners and property managers have been stepping in to fix buildings but where costs aren’t recoverable from the original developers or via insurance claims, the cost falls to leaseholders. The bills can be tens of thousands, it’s just not affordable.

“The crisis is wider than many imagined and impacts buildings in every city of the UK. It’s to the Government’s credit that ACM cladding remediation is being funded following the Grenfell tragedy but the study by ARMA shows that the issue is much deeper than that. We urge the Chancellor to recognise the severity of the situation we are facing and step in.”

One of the core values here at SDL is to ‘make it better’ and this is what we want to happen here with funding to correct potentially very dangerous buildings. We want everyone to be safe and comfortable in their homes.