With the news surrounding Coronavirus (Covid-19) changing by the hour, we’re taking proactive steps here at SDL Property Management to make sure that it’s business as usual during the next few months, regardless of what they throw at us. Our number one priority is making sure that we protect our customers as well as our staff and their families. 

As a business we have been preparing behind the scenes so that we can continue to help our customers with their questions and queries. Over the past few months we’ve made the change to using cloud-based telephone and property management systems. This means that our front-line, customer facing staff can work from anywhere at any time – whether this be from our offices across the country, or from their own homes.  

As a result, we’re pleased to share that our working hours have not altered, and you can still contact our team/out of hours service as normal if required.

Our SDL360 Portal can also be accessed 24/7 and our customers can access a lot of information there, as well as raising requests that will be picked up and dealt with by our team. This is the quickest and easiest way to communicate with us. If you have any questions about how to access your portal, please contact your Property Manager.

If you feel you may have symptoms of the virus you will need to notify us on SDL 360. You’ll find this in building news when you log in, you’ll then need to go to ‘Report Self-isolation’ and follow the form on screen. See the example below.

If you are struggling to do this, please get in touch with your property manager who will be able to assist you. We take the safety of our residents as seriously as ever through this period, so it’s important you inform us so we can look at each case to take the necessary action.

We’ve put together some FAQs that might help to answer the questions you have at this time. But if not, then get in touch with your Property Manager or go to our contact page.

For the latest Covid-19 advice, please visit, and if you think you may have the virus, please use the NHS 111 online service to find out what to do next: Although news surrounding Coronavirus (Covid-19) is changing by the hour, we promise to keep you updated of any changes over the forthcoming weeks here at SDL Property Management, but if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch!