SDL Property Partners adds another partner to their growing franchise, with the latest recruit White Pickett Fence Ltd!

About White Pickett Fence

White Pickett Fence, run single handed by Carli Knowles, is an exciting business to join SDL Property Partners. Having grown a large portfolio of properties within her in-law’s lettings business, and working in the property since leaving school, Carli has taken the plunge to move into the fast-paced industry and run her own property management business. From her demonstrated passion and drive for the industry, the franchise is thrilled to have her on board.

So we’ve asked Carli a few questions on their franchise on-boarding and partnering with us:

Why SDL Property Partners?

I have always wanted to work more closely with the residential side of the property industry, leading with block management to support clients and residents. SDL Property Partners allows me to do that, whilst having the freedom and ease of making the most of my business pipeline, as I have the back-office support of SDL to help with the compliance and central accounting functions. Jumping into running my own business can be pretty daunting too, but with SDL Property Partners I have the on-hand support as and when I need it and thorough training and systems already set up to get started as soon as I’m ready.

How did you find the process of becoming a partner?

The SDL team have been completely understanding towards my circumstances and made me feel part of the family from initial enquiry. Being new to running my own business I wanted to be entirely sure that I knew what I was getting in for, and the team have been prompt in replying to my queries whilst outlining their proposition in detail.

They have been nothing less than professional throughout the whole process of getting me signed up and thereafter, support me in being ready to manage my first block under their group. SDL come with a clear passion for property and it’s clear their focus is very much on the customers which is refreshing to see.