The importance of recruitment and development, in any company or industry, cannot be understated. Being part of the SDL Group, we have a fantastic ethos that we follow through from our colleagues at head office into each business area, where there is no HR Department but rather a ‘People Team’. 

People have (quite rightly) recognised their value and worth, which is why our colleagues and franchisees are not seen as resources but genuine people that can freely develop themselves to grow and can ask for support whether it’s in or outside of their area of expertise. 

‘…with SDL Property Partners I have the on-hand support as and when I need it and systems already set up to get started as soon as I’m ready.’ – Carli Knowles, White Picket Fence Block Management.

Recruiting a new property manager or an employee, is comparable to recruiting a new franchisee, and comes with the same struggles and rewards;

  • There’s the initial advertising, on platforms that are relevant to the industry and target audience.
  • Then there’s the applicants and leads, that should fit the profile of the advert that are read and responded to with more information on the offering.
  • The two-way conversation is our favourite part of the franchise recruitment journey. At this point, we will give the applicant a call or arrange a meeting to foremost see what they’re looking for and we have an opportunity to put forward what we’re looking for. It’s the open, no-commitment, conversation about whether the offering is right for the applicant as much as it’s to see if they’re right for the company.

‘When we enquired with SDL Property Partners, we found that not only do they complement everything we were looking to get from becoming a partner but also, they showed a great deal of passion for their business, the industry and the service delivered to residents.’ – Asset Bricks Block Management.

  • The contract signing, which likely raises more questions when it comes to the franchise agreement in comparison to an employee contract, is the final stage should both parties be happy with one and another’s offering.

‘They have been supportive and on the front foot from the initial enquiry. Belvoir is an estate agency franchise, so the process of joining Property Partners was very familiar to me. All queries have been promptly answered and explained in detail, with no stone unturned, and we are excited to explore this new opportunity.’ – Tom Wang, Belvoir WMT

  • Training is a vital aspect of allowing the new recruit to show their full potential and thrive in the role. Thorough training comes with franchising too, with a business developer supporting the franchisee to understand the foundations of the franchise business model and how to make the most in the industry.

Here at SDL Property Partners, our franchisees come from different backgrounds but have the same values; they are passionate about property and committed to providing a great service. That’s what we look from in our recruitment and leads. We take care of back office systems, training, compliance and ongoing support, and our franchisees focus on managing properties, budgets and relationships with clients and residents. That’s where our franchisee’s development comes in, but with regular and on-hand support whatever the weather.

If you’re looking for a business model that allows you to thrive and grow within the industry, with the back office elements looked after, fill in the form below