As you know, the latest UK national lockdown is started today (November 5th). We’re pleased to share that following the latest Government advice, the property market will continue to follow the current guidance and will not go into lockdown. So, we’d like to take this opportunity to reassure you that it will be business as usual.

Since March, all of our teams have had full access to our systems, meaning they have been working remotely from home. These teams include our Property Management team, (Property Managers and their support staff), our Accounts Team and Essential Services team. This means that we will continue to safely deliver the products and services you need, in line with the latest Government guidance.

We’ve summarised the key points here for you:

  • We do not expect any significant delays in electronic service charge payments. However, there may be a delay if payments are made via cheque and therefore, we ask that cheque payments are avoided where possible
  • There will be some delay in the issuing of postal correspondence as the numbers are significant but again this should be kept to a minimum
  • There may be delays with some of our year-end accounting functions, primarily the circulation of accounts
  • Our bank reconciliation function is fully remote capable and therefore clients can rest assured that their funds are secure
  • Contractor payment process is fully remote capable where contractors supply invoices via email. Therefore, we advise our contractors to submit their invoices electronically

Our issuing of budgeted service charge demands can also be operated electronically, but only where lessee email addresses are held. You can update your contact email address to avoid this, here.

Our teams will continue to safely conduct urgent site inspections, following the safety regulations we announced back in March – such as PPE equipment and social distancing. There will, however, be an impact on non-urgent inspections, which will be safely carried out once the Government guidance allows.

We are working with contractors to ensure essential maintenance work will continue to be carried out in a safe environment, following the necessary rules and regulations (such as social distancing), however, our contractors do have the right to refuse entry if they deem it unsafe.

We will request that AGM’s, EGM’s, Director and Resident Meetings are postponed or if essential, are carried out via video conferencing or conference calling. We are currently working on the best solution for this and will relay what procedures we’ve put in place should the need arise.

We will endeavour to keep business disruption to a minimum and we remain committed to servicing our clients.

Thank you for your continued patience and understanding.