One of our most important roles as a managing agent is to ensure your building is maintained and complies with health and safety regulation.

We realise this may not always be the most interesting subject but keeping our residents safe is our no.1 priority. This guide covers the elements of health and safety that we are involved in for your building, plus what residents can do to make their environment as safe as possible.

Regular site inspections

Your property manager will visit your development every six weeks to carry out an inspection. What they are looking for depends on the type of building and grounds, but usually involves:

  • Looking for any unreported repairs or maintenance issues to be picked up
  • Checking the progress and status of reported repairs and maintenance issues
  • Reviewing the condition of communal areas including slip and trip hazards, fire risks, lighting, meter cupboards
  • Making sure the noticeboard and any other health and safety signage is up to date
  • Checking communal fire alarms, smoke detectors, sprinklers, emergency lighting and any other equipment in place for your safety

Keeping communal areas clear

Every resident has a part to play in keeping communal areas clean and tidy, so that everyone can feel safe in their home. Communal areas must be kept clear. As well as looking untidy, they create trip hazards, create a fire risk and could block exits in the event of a fire.

Communal areas of your development include: hallways, stairs, landings, lifts, riser cupboards and meter cupboards. Our guidelines are:

  1. Dispose of rubbish and junk mail in the bins provided
  2. Keep personal items including bikes and pushchairs in your property
  3. No smoking in communal areas
  4. Use only the notice boards provided for posters and notices

Risk assessments

It’s a legal requirement to carry out a health and safety risk assessment on your building. We will do this for the communal areas and it will be reviewed annually.

Fire safety

It’s also a legal requirement to carry out a fire safety assessment on your building, which we will do for the communal areas.

The fire service might ask for flammable items to be removed from balconies eg wooden or wicker chairs and tables and to avoid smoking, lighting candles, having a BBQ, or have anything involving a naked flame on your balcony


We have an approved Contractor system, which requires completion by all contractors of a questionnaire about their business provision of relevant health & safety documentation, and relevant qualifications, to ensure that only the most suitable contractors are used at our managed properties.