Daniel Robertshaw's journey so far

Posted on 07/08/2018


Daniel was the fifth recruit to join the SDL Property Partners franchise scheme, which now has eleven franchisees on board. We caught up with him to discuss his SDL Property Partners journey so far:

Why did you choose franchising over starting your own business?

The prospect of setting up your own business alone at 24 is quite daunting. The main element that attracted me to SDL Property Partners is the support. It was refreshing yet comforting to know that I will take full ownership of the business, whilst still receiving support from a nationally recognised company. Knowing that once I took the leap to begin my franchise journey with SDL I will have continued support from not only the people around me who are in the same position, but industry experts and figureheads as well. Deciding to begin my franchisee career was an incredibly thought out as naturally, it’s a big decision, especially financially. It’s been incredibly beneficial to be surrounded by like-minded entrepreneurs who are in the same position as me not just financially but also in terms of knowledge and experience.


During your time as a property partner, what has been the biggest challenge?

It’s fair to say that with any business venture, regardless of the industry, there’s going to be challenges. So far, the biggest challenge for me is getting those first few contacts and developments under my belt. The first point of contact can be the most challenging one to establish. After spending hours delivering leaflets and receiving no contact, it can be hard to maintain motivation when you put in a tremendous amount of time and effort to not receive the desired results, but I always believe you should trust the process. If I keep doing the right things, it will soon pay off. Every challenge presents an opportunity to learn and develop when moving forward.


What’s been the biggest reward for you so far?

I think the biggest reward will always be getting that first management instruction, seeing all the hard work pay off will not only be a fantastic reward, but a huge motivation boost as well. Another extremely rewarding element of this journey so far has got to be spending time with peers and people within the industry and explaining what I’m doing. Watching people’s reactions and how impressed they are with what I’m doing has been my biggest reward so far. It makes me proud hearing how complimentary people are of my work.


For you, what has been the most exciting element of this journey?

It’s so hard to pinpoint it down to just one thing. I’ve always been interested in setting up my own enterprise and SDL Property Partners allowed me to do this whilst working in the industry I have a genuine passion for – this is the most exciting element for me. It allows me to do what I want with my brand and provide the service that I know works for my clients. To be given a wealth of experience and knowledge, and the opportunity to adapt this to my own company. The franchise scheme has provided me with the perfect opportunity to combine a forward-facing role with the PRS. For me, it’s the perfect balance and has allowed me to excel in the areas I feel most confident, whilst building up my confidence in unfamiliar areas, such as networking.


What makes your brand different?

I’d 100% say that the service I provide sets me aside from my competitors. I’ve had years of experience, and with the motivational push SDL Property Partners has given me, I’m able to really showcase what I’m capable of. I know I can provide a great service on a day to day basis. It’s my priority to get to the route of any problem at hand, if you don’t do that how will you know what procedures need to be put in place to prevent it happening again? Over the years I have always ensured that I take the time to understand and listen to my clients. It’s always been a priority for me to maximise the attention I give to each individual leaseholder to ensure I build trusting relationships with them. I have learnt a lot more about myself both personally and professionally, thanks to this approach.


What advice would you give to others who are thinking of buying a franchise?

The most important bit of advice I would give to anyone who’s thinking about investing into the franchise scheme, take your time with the decision making. This is a long-term plan, it’s important to take all factors into consideration. I spent a lot of time looking at the business model, ensuring I understood each element. There are a lot of different elements with this, but please don’t be put off by it! It’s important to remember that all these procedures and elements have been put in place to ensure that you’re in the best possible position with the highest quality resources around you. The model is incredibly workable, and the support around you is second to none, so what might seem a daunting, time consuming task to carry out the initial research, it really is so beneficial. With this in mind, another important bit of advice is to be ready to put the work in! Being prepared is the key to success.


If you are thinking of joining SDL Property Partners, or simply wish to talk through your options with our team, please contact us.