Meet Kirsty Marshall

Posted on 10/08/2018

“Team work makes the dream work” – Kirsty’s favourite quote.

When did you join SDL?

I joined SDL back in 2013 but have worked for Managing Director Nick Faulkner for 10 years now, I started out working as a legal assistant in leasehold legal services. I’ll be honest, working in property management had never really crossed my mind back then. Working alongside Nick presented me with so many opportunities to develop my career but also made me love the property management industry. Not only did I want to work in the industry, it became so clear to me that I also had the drive to work for an entrepreneur. A lot has happened since I started my property management journey, the industry is so fast paced and constantly changing, I’ve been able to witness the industry from all different angles.


We know it’s hard to narrow it down…but what is a typical day for you?

I love it when people ask this question! It comes as no surprise that every single day is different! No matter what tasks I’m working on that day, communication is at the core. Being a property manager, the nature of everything you do revolves around communication, whether that’s with residents, contractors or other members of the team. I can be working with residents on first thing on a Monday morning to resolve issues regarding a development in Winchester or liaising with contractors on a Wednesday to ensure the lifts are working down in Portsmouth, to working with the marketing team over in Nottingham on a Friday morning to create exciting, insightful content for residents. No day is ever the same, and I love it!

I’m based down in the Fareham office and I currently manage properties in Gosport, Fareham, Portsmouth, Southampton, Winchester, Sutton Scotney and Littleton. I always like to make sure I’m visiting the developments I manage at least once a month. I will get in contact with the residents to let them know when I’ll be visiting so they have plenty of time to ensure that they’re present if needs be. I’ve been a property manager now for just over a year, and it’s so rewarding to see that no matter how big or small, the gestures I carry out for our residents make such a difference.


You’re an official SDL legend! How do you ensure the customer is at the heart of everything?

When I first started my role, I made sure I took the time get to know each of the developments, look into the history of them. I found this really helpful as I was able to pick out the key issues that residents had raised with past property managers and work on these going forward. I won’t beat around the bush, of course this was a time-consuming process, but I quickly saw the benefits. I was able to carry out the initial research and investigate the current situations and I ensured I made that initial contact with the residents to ensure they knew that I’m now in charge of their development and that I’m here to help them.

Once I launched the investigations, it became so apparent that one of the most important elements was missing, there was a big lack of presence on the developments. I made it my priority to be present as much as possible, whether that was physically on the development or over email and the telephone. It soon became apparent that my years of experience came into play. I was familiar with these situations so knew how to approach them, creating and implementing the strategy to tackle these and make it better for our customers, it came really naturally. It can sometimes be daunting to head into uncomfortable situations, especially in our industry when its affecting resident’s day to day lives, but I always keep the “love our customers” mantra at the heart of everything I do, always ensuring that any actions I take will always have a positive impact on our residents.


Do you enjoy working in such a fast paced, changing industry?

I think it’s fair to say that the property industry is constantly changing, whether that’s due to industry specific legislations, the financial state of the market or the improvement and development of new technology. It’s so important that as a Property Manager I keep on top of the latest trends and developments within the industry! I’m excited about the upcoming changes in the market, it will give residents more opportunities to learn about the industry and how we’re striving to change for the better. the last year has been a massive learning curve, it’s had its troublesome times, but now it has been turned around and I am confident about the future, I’ve learnt a lot, and this will enable me to progress and learn.

Kirsty has been recognised as an SDL Legend for loving her customers. Kirsty’s enthusiasm and passion is easily picked up on from the second you meet her, she really cares for every single customer.