SDL Property Partners training: How we support you & what to expect

Posted on 04/04/2018

At SDL Property Partners, we offer training and ongoing support to all our franchisees, but you’re probably wondering what to expect and what’s involved.  How do we support property managers who have never run their own business, or help letting agents navigate the complicated world of property management legislation? Our franchise launch manager (and expert trainer) Sam Massey, explains exactly what’s involved in our training programme:

“I am usually the first person you meet at SDL Property Partners. I speak to all candidates at the enquiry stage, provide initial training on business planning, full property management training, and then “top up” workshops throughout the year. I’ve spoken to hundreds of people from all kinds of backgrounds; property managers, letting agents, surveyors and industry colleagues intrigued by our offering”.

“Experience in the property industry is helpful but not essential. We’re looking for people who are passionate about great service, growing a business and compliance. After an initial chat and a face to face meeting, if both parties are happy to proceed, the next step is our one-day initial training.

“The one-day initial training is designed to help you create a business plan. At this stage there are typically a lot of questions about company set up, funding, financial planning and how to get started. This session is designed to put ideas intro practice. In addition to creating a business plan, we will explain the process of incorporating the company, finalise the territory, give an overview of how to pitch for business, and explain what to expect in the first few months.

“The next step is to sign the franchise agreement and help you arrange finance (if needed). Once franchisees are officially on board, they move on to a six-day training course which covers all aspects of property management and running a business, including:

  • Pre-handover and handover of sites
  • Managing relationships with clients and residents
  • Day-to-day property management
  • Arranging insurance
  • Contract management
  • Carrying out inspections and repairs
  • Setting service charge budgets
  • Interpreting a lease
  • Complaints handling



“We’ve had a lot of enquiries from estate and letting agents who are very keen to get into property management, but have been put off by the legislation and compliance requirements. They already have the connections, business and selling skills, so we run a slightly different training course for those new to the property management industry.

“The training runs in small groups of less than ten, so there is plenty of scope to take individual needs into account and group discussion. Once completed, franchisees can start to pitch for new business and build their portfolio.

“At every stage in the process, candidates can speak to existing franchisees to ask questions and get a realistic idea of where they could be in 3 or 6 months’ time. Our current franchisees are quite a diverse group with property managers, estate agents, and a surveyor and they are great at sharing skills and expertise.

“We will run regular events and workshops for franchisees to network and “top up” their training. At the SDL group conference in January, we had sessions run by ARMA, Qube and Tanfield Chambers. Our next franchisee event will be held at the end of April and focus on GDPR compliance, sales and marketing.

“When we say we are revolutionising the property management industry, we really mean it. Our approach to franchising is more than just using our brand; we are creating a community of property management professionals who don’t have to compromise on personal development, providing a hands-on service, compliance or growing a business”.

You could be drafting your business plan on our initial training session in a matter of weeks – get in touch with Sam to find out more.