Franchising holds the key to helping our property heroes

Posted on 30/08/2018

In the UK, there are millions of leasehold homes in need of management. How do we go about changing this?

Nick Faulkner’s franchising initiative SDL Property Partners is creating fresh opportunities for property entrepreneurs across the UK. With residential property management continuing to boom, the interest of venturing into franchising has risen significantly.

So why choose us? SDL Property Partners has been in operation for just shy of a year, and since launching we’ve had a huge influence on the market with a number of other property firms shifting to a franchise business model. As with any market, competition is always welcome. However, it remains uncertain if all property firms can deliver a successful franchise offering. SDL Property Partners is different to competition currently in the market. Nick developed this unique business model over 10 years, taking the time to perfect each and every individual element to ensure the USP was at the core, consistently differentiating ourselves from the competition.


As well as helping businesses like ours grow, it presents entrepreneurs with the opportunity to continue delivering a personal, excellent service to their client base. Combining this with the best use of technology, robust complied procedures and economies of scale in the back-office operations, the model was created to reflect the central core brand of SDL Property Management. “The scale of investment being where many smaller scale property managers have traditionally struggled to succeed” says MD Nick Faulkner, who has met with and worked alongside many small-scale property managers over the last 25 years.  Franchisees are able to take ownership of their own business, with the support of a nationally recognised company. We provide each and every franchisee tailored support through our centralised processes with substantial investment in IT/digital and compliance.


Property Partners have a real mix of members, from established lettings agents and chartered surveyors who are looking to increase their range of services, to those who launch and grow their business in the comfort of their own home. In fact, franchising is proving to be so successful that MD Nick Faulkner predicts it will form the basis for the whole of the Property Management industry within the next 10 years. It’s clearly a lucrative market, with more than 6 million residential leasehold properties in the UK with a projected growth for SDL Property Partners to 150,000 in 3 years.


From a personal perspective, SDL Property Partners is a project close to Nick Faulkner’s heart. After building his own career in the industry, he now wants to help other entrepreneurs achieve the same success. By creating and delivering a franchise opportunity, hoping many other property managers are able to be masters of their own destiny. With Nick sharing the excitement about setting up a business and being in control has certainly been picked up on. SDL Property Partners now has 17 franchisees signed up, with a strong presence across the UK in areas including London, Birmingham and Bristol, and by December we could easily have 30 franchisees signed up across the country. There are some incredibly strong candidates with huge amounts of potential to grow and make a big statement within the industry, we’re always looking for enthusiastic, driven entrepreneurs to join the SDL Property Partners programme.

If you’re looking for a new opportunity and block management sounds like it could be for you, get in touch with our team.