We've reached 1000 tenants

Posted on 24/01/2017

We began 2017 letting our 1000th B2R property and predict a buoyant 12-months for the sector this year.

“It’s fantastic to be in the position to welcome our 1000th tenant, beginning the year on a real high” commented Paul Staley, director of PRS at SDL Group.

“This achievement, and our continued work with clients such as Sigma Capital Group, is testament to the potential that this market holds. Several years ago we predicted that B2R would provide a major shake up in the Private Rental Sector. We’re now seeing this come to fruition.

“Back in the summer of 2016, there was a slight slowdown in the approval of funding for B2R schemes immediately after the Brexit referendum but thankfully this was short lived. After the initial shock, the big institutional lenders now appear to have an even greater appetite for the sector. ”

“I’m actually anticipating an increased interest in B2R due to the recent decline of the Bond markets as it offers institutions a relatively safe and secure home for their capital, whilst providing a regular and constant return, which is ideal for pension funds looking for annuity income.”

“We’ve never hidden our ambition to become the market leader and we look forward to the challenges that this year will bring,” concluded Paul. “We’re in a strong position with continued growth from existing clients, which is set to provide us with over 1,500 additional B2R properties this year, with more in the pipeline.”