A managing agent is appointed by the developer, freeholder or resident management company (RMC) to manage the communal areas of a block of flats or a new build housing estate.

What we do will depend of what kind of property you live in, but it generally covers four main areas:

Relationship management: Our property managers are supported by property assistants, a technical team, client finance and a leadership team. The team attend residents’ meetings, are your point of contact for queries and liaise with external contacts such as contractors, insurers and accountants.

Financial management: We set the budget for the service charge or estate charge (which funds the management of your building/estate), collect the service/estate charge and put together the end of year accounts for each development.

Repairs and maintenance: Through the service/estate charge, we ensure that communal areas such as lifts, car parks and shared green spaces are well maintained. For example, this means we ensure the bins in the park are emptied, the grass is cut on shared green spaces and the car park is properly signposted.

Compliance and health and safety: Making sure your building or estate is safe and secure includes doing regular inspections, doing fire and risk assessments, doing long term maintenance plans and placing insurance if needed.

How do we get appointed?

Being appointed means a client (a developer, freeholder or resident management company) has chosen us to manage the building or estate, usually for a 12 month period.

We might get appointed by a developer because a new build housing estate or block of flats needs maintenance for communal spaces such as a playground, car park, park, or shared open spaces. This will be funded through the service charge or estate charge, which leaseholders/homeowners pay into.

A freeholder will usually appoint a managing agent for the buildings and/or land that they own. How much they want us to get involved can be varied, but usually, we will collect the service charge and ensure the building and communal spaces are maintained.

When we are appointed by a resident management company, again we are typically responsible for collecting the service charge or estate charge and ensuring the building and communal spaces are maintained.

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