If you live in a property managed by SDL Property Management, you might be wondering what we do for you. Here’s a quick guide and remember that we’re always here to help so please get in touch if you need further information.

SDL Property Management is a managing agent. Most of the properties we manage are either leasehold residential blocks (eg blocks of flats), or freehold estates (eg new build housing estates). What we do for blocks and estates is different, so we have two separate guides on what we do for you, depending on where you live.  Here’s our guide to what we do for housing estates:

First of all, you might be wondering why you have a managing agent if your home is freehold. This is how it works….

The developer who built your home also built communal facilities on your development such as parks, playgrounds, and car parks. The estate charge pays for the upkeep of these through general maintenance, gardening, ensuring they are free of litter and safe to use.

The estate charge is included on your TP1 form when buying your property and should have been highlighted by your solicitor. If this wasn’t the case, please contact us and we can explain the estate charge in more detail.

So as your managing agent, what do we do?

Above all else, we are here to ensure that you live in a well-maintained and safe building. We work with you to budget and spend carefully to help ensure that you get value for money but also no surprise costs down the line.

  • We are responsible for ensuring the grounds are maintained and compliant with health and safety regulations
  • We are responsible for working with you to set an estate charge budget and collect individual contributions
  • We liaise with residents on a huge range of subjects, but usually around managing repairs and maintenance
  • We liaise with contractors to arrange maintenance and repairs

Find out more about how the estate charge works.